CHRISTINA KUBISCH works with sound sculptures, installations and performances since the 1980s. She took part in international Biennials and exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Documenta in Kassel, Sydney Biennale and Sharjah Biennale. Kubisch has been awarded with several prizes in the fields of art and music and has had solo shows in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and South America.

FOSSADELRUMORE is a drone, noise and ambient project started by in Florence Pietro Michi in 2012. In the last years, he focused on field recording, noise pollution and sound spatialization. Michi uses synths, filters and DIY drones looking for punk and dark atmospheres. In 2017 he started collaborating with Radio Papesse with a series of overall mix on the noise scene of the last twenty years, in a cultural journey to discover a genre and its most mainstream legacies.

MARCO MONFARDINI (SYNC) is a composer and a media-artist who, from the mid ‘80s mainly focuses on music and video. His work has been presented in galleries and contemporary art institutions. He took part in several international festivals such as Elektra Festival in Montreal, Gogbot festival in the Netherlands, Audiovisiva Festival at the Science and Technology Museum in Milan, Robot Festival in Bologna. In 2010 he created Sync, a platform for visual and sound artists.

RADIOPAPESSE.ORG is an audio archive dedicated to contemporary art; a space focused on visual arts’ documentation and research and a place for the diffusion and promotion of sound arts. It produces and distributes interviews, documentaries, audio guides and sound walks, both commissioned or produced in collaboration with museums and cultural institutions. Finding its privileged dimension in listening, RADIOPAPESSE.ORG chooses the language of the radio, not only its medium, to tell how to make art today.

STRASSE is a company founded in Milan in 2009 by Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa. It works on the performative language of the body expression in its relations to the urban landscape and on the cinematographic language as a filter for the observation of reality. In the last years the group produced Drive_in (2012), Solo (2014), Costruzione dell'immagine della fine and HM/ HOUSE MUSIC (2016) and projects such as Exil and T.Rex that use the format of the party to generate connections, tear down categories and eliminate the distinctions between different publics and between artists and spectators.

JOSEFIN VARGÖ is a food and experience designer and an independent curator. Her work focuses on the construction of platforms and artistic processes able to connect people, places and objects.
AYHAN AYDIN is a meal ecologist who researches on the development of the sensorial potentialities of food.
Together they founded in Stockholm the gastronomic design studio AYDIN & VARGÖ, through which they realise installations based on holistic meal system and develop sensorial experiences about food. They previously collaborated with Nike, Converse, AWB, Iaspis, Roskilde Festival, Botkyrka Konsthall and Underverk.

JOANNES BURSTRÖM is a musician, composer, programmer and sound designer. As a bass player for over 25 years, he adds a physical element in all his commitments, from sound compositions to dance and music improvisation.

ROBERTO FASSONE is a basketball player, grown up in the Cierre Asti juveniles. In 2004 he played his first senior season with Cascina Veneria (serie C2), averaging 10.8 points per game. The next year he performed the best season of his career, playing point guard with Basket Venaria (serie C2). During the season the team reached the Finals, eventually losing game 5 against Serravalle Scrivia. Two years later Fassone won his first championship (serie D) with Monferrato Basket. In the following years he had the chance to play with Virtus Venezia and Fiamma Venezia, coming back to Asti during the 2014/2015 season, where he played his last official game. He recently won his second Championship (Promozione) with Affrico Basket, in Florence; he's currently free agent.

ANDREA MI spans between architecture, design, communication and new media just to hide his unlimited passion for music. He teaches in Florence at I.E.D. and L.A.B.A.; curates Festivals such as Videominuto, Fabbrica Europa and Streamfest; writes on specialist periodicals and curates radio broadcasts on Popolare Network. His main commitment (after Milo Mi) is Mixology, a weekly radio broadcast, a podcast, a showcase dealing with programmes for several festival and a web label. Twice a week he reminds to be a dj as well.